About Sqreen

Sqreen is a developer platform which detects security anomalies in web applications and provides automated responses in real-time. Targeted towards developers, Sqreen is aiming to improve the quality and therefore security of the code which powers some of the foremost web-applications in use today.

Having initially featured in TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF Battlefield in 2016, the company recently graduated YCombinator and in a soon to be announced funding round, Sqreen have secured a sizable Series-A investment from one of Silicon Valley’s most well-respected Venture Capital funds. This funding affords Sqreen a solid platform to increase their momentum in scaling their product, improving the sophistication of their features and importantly - growing their Engineering team in Paris.

Founded by former security experts at Apple, Sqreen protects hundreds of apps and companies like Algolia, Front, Toptal, and Helpling. For more information, visit https://www.sqreen.io.

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